HCImage is a powerful imaging suite that provides a flexible, cost effective solution for your imaging needs.

HCImage Analysis Learn more Analysis

HCImage Analysis provides automation for advanced applications from acquisition through analysis. Enhanced image processing tools can be used during live image capture or post acquisition analysis. Data are saved in a hierarchical file structure, allowing dynamic interaction with images and measured data.

HCImage DIA Learn more about DIA

HCImage Dynamic Intensity Analysis was developed for high-speed processing and intensity analysis over time, including live viewing of images and data simultaneously. Automated acquisition using a simple interface allows for quick setup of complex multi-dimensional scans

HCImage IPA Learn more about IPA

HCImage Image Processing and Analysis provides an automated solution for quantitative analysis on a wide range of complex image sequences. Includes macro building and motion tracking, as well as automated acquisition.

HCImage Live Learn more about Live

HCImage Live is provided free of charge with the purchase of a Hamamatsu camera. It is optimized to utilize the high-speed, high resolution and sensitivity from Hamamatsu cameras using the DCAM driver.