HCImage Dynamic Intensity Analysis has been redefined and optimized for high-speed processing and intensity analysis over time, including live viewing of images and data simultaneously. The updated interface was designed to reduce the number of steps required to set up and run an intensity analysis experiment, while providing the necessary tools to get the job done. A simple interface allows for quick setup of complex multiple channel, multi-site XYZ scans.

Intensity Analysis

  • Ease of Use
    Simplified set of controls designed to reduce the number of steps required for setting up and running experiments. The autosave feature automatically saves files according to the user’s preset conditions, including file name and location.
  • Event Markers
    Acquire image sequences with dynamic I/O event marking during an experiment
  • Define Objects
    Objects are identified by intensity, color threshold, or may be hand drawn using Advanced or Simple methods of identification
  • Visual Feedback
    Create and display a true processed or “real” Ratio image
  • Real time (Live) Intensity Plotting
    Plot individual, multiple or average measurements over time
  • AutoSave
    Use the feature to automatically save acquired data to a CXD or Tiff
  • TTL I/O
    LED, filter and shutter control using TTL
  • Measurements
    Auto-correct measurements using background, create custom measurements
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Viewing the Data

  • View the Data
    Image sequences saved in a data document can be reviewed and measured. Measured data can be presented as a list, statistics, spreadsheet or graphically.
  • Dynamic Interaction
    Interact between data plots and the corresponding images or measured data (selected objects)
  • Export
    Export data directly into Excel®
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Acquisition Learn more about Live

For a detailed list of acquisition features such as: high speed image streaming, multi-site acquisition with multiple wavelengths click to learn more.

Visualizer Learn more about Live

For a details about our new interface with easy access to the interactive controls which provide instant feedback when working with rendered images click to learn more.


  • High-speed ratio imaging
  • Protein-protein interaction
  • Membrane potential interactions
  • Single molecule fluorescence
  • Quantify and visualize colocalization
  • Intracellular ion, voltage, pH