HCImage Live

HCImage Live is a basic imaging application that is included with the purchase of a Hamamatsu camera.  It provides comprehensive control of Hamamatsu cameras using the DCAM-API driver.  HCImage Live includes the necessary tools for basic image acquisition, processing and analysis, all in a flexible, easy-to-use application.

For applications that require advanced acquisition and analysis features, including additional hardware support, check out HCImage DIA, IPA or Analysis.  Upgrading from HCImage Live is an easy, cost effective solution for your imaging needs.  Please contact us if you have any questions or learn about the upgrade discounts.


  • Camera Support
    Support for all DCAM-API supported cameras including the ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 and ImagEM X2 with electron output
  • Hard Disk Recorder
    DCAM-API Hard Disk Recorder for high-speed streaming directly to hard disk
  • Line Profile
    Dynamic display of intensity values
  • Visual Feedback
    Redesigned histogram allows for new interactive methods for fine tuning contrast enhancements and the ability to customize LUTs
  • AutoSave
    Use the feature to automatically save acquired data to a CXD or Tiff
  • Streaming
    High-speed image acquisition to memory with the option to delete, or save to a CXD or TIFFs
  • TTL I/O
    LED, filter and shutter control using the parallel port
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  • Data Collection and Object Management
    Select multiple measurements for intensity, line length, endpoint length and area on individual images with data saved in a data document or spreadsheet
  • Plot Intensity of an Object Over Time from Images Saved in an Image Sequence
  • Object Detection
    Multiple auto-threshold with channel and background selection
  • View the Data
    Image sequences saved in a data document can be reviewed and measured. Measured data can be presented as a list, statistics, spreadsheet or graphically
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  • High-speed image streaming
  • Fluorescence