HCImage Analysis

HCImage Analysis provides comprehensive control of Hamamatsu cameras, microscopes, stages, and other peripheral devices providing the ability to perform multi-dimensional imaging with ease-of-use and flexibility. Choose from an extensive range of image processing tools that can be used during live image capture or post acquisition analysis. Data are saved in a hierarchical file structure, allowing dynamic interaction with images and measured data that can be easily displayed in a variety of graphical formats or exported to Excel. HCImage Analysis includes all of the functionality of HCImage DIA and HCImage IPA.

Acquisition Learn more about Live

For a detailed list of acquisition features such as: high speed image streaming, multi-site acquisition with multiple wavelengths click to learn more.

Visualizer Learn more about Live

For a details about our new interface with easy access to the interactive controls which provide instant feedback when working with rendered images click to learn more.

Intensity Analysis

  • Real time (Live) Intensity Plotting
    Plot individual, multiple or average measurements over time
  • Ratio Analysis
    Plot ratio intensity for Ca2+, pH ratio and more
  • Measurements
    Auto-correct measurements using background, create custom measurements

Image Processing and Analysis Tools

  • Pixel Processing
  • Object Identification
  • Binary Image Modification
  • Measurements
  • Workfile

Motion Tracking

  • Tracking of multiple objects automatically
  • Distance, Velocity and Direction
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Viewing the Data

  • View the Data
    Image sequences saved in a data document can be reviewed and measured. Measured data can be presented as a list, statistics, spreadsheet or graphically.
  • Dynamic Interaction
    Interact between data plots and the corresponding images or measured data (selected objects)
  • Export
    Export data directly into Excel®