Supported Devices

SimplePCI provides support for a wide range of peripheral components. The peripherals needed depend on the imaging application.

Wavelength Changers & Filter Wheels

  • ASI-1000
  • CAIRN Optoscan Monochromator
  • CRI VariSpec and RGB Liquid Crystal Filters
  • Hamamatsu Filter Wheel
  • LUDL Single and Dual Filter Wheels
  • Leica Single and Double Filter Wheels
  • Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, Leica, and Conix Cube Changers
  • Prior Single and Dual Filter Wheels, Lumen 200 Pro
  • Spectral LMM5
  • Sutter DG4 & DG5 Filter Switchers
  • Sutter Single and Double Filter Wheels
  • TILL Monochromator II, IV, V

XYZ Stage Control

  • ASI MS-2000 XYZ Stage
  • Leica
  • LUDL XYZ Stage
  • Märzhäuser LSTEP/ECO-STEP, Tango
  • Nikon Biostation XYZ Stage
  • Prior XYZ Stage
  • Zeiss

Z Stage Control

  • ASI Z-Axis
  • Leica Z-Axis, AFC
  • LUDL Z-Axis
  • Märzhäuser Z-Axis
  • Nikon Z-Axis
  • Olympus Z-Axis
  • PIFOC E662 and E665 controllers for Piezoelectric devices
  • Prior Z-Axis
  • Zeiss Z-Axis


  • ASI SC-2 Shutter, ASI-1000 Filter/Shutter controller
  • Hamamatsu Shutter
  • Leica
  • LUDL Shutters
  • Olympus
  • Prior
  • Sutter Shutters
  • VINCENT Uniblitz Shutters, VMM-D3 (Triple controller)
  • Zeiss


  • Leica DM3000,4000,5000,6000 and DMI3000,4000,5000,6000B microscopes
  • Leica motorized stereo zoom microscopes: MZ16FA, MZFLIII, etc.
  • Nikon 90i/TE2000E/E1000/E1000M/E1000R motorized microscope
  • Olympus BX61/62, IX81, BX-51/61/62, BX-61WI, AX-80, AX70
  • Zeiss motorized microscopes supported under MTB 2004


  • Hamamatsu DCAM Compatible Cameras