SimplePCI (Legacy)

SimplePCI is a high performance imaging software program designed to meet the needs for high-speed processing at a low cost, with ease of use and flexibility. At the core of SimplePCI are the Image Documents and Data Documents, allowing sophisticated image enhancements, presentation and analysis operations to be easily applied to single images or image sequences.

Supported Hardware

SimplePCI supports a wide range of peripheral components. The peripherals depend on the imaging application, and include automatic XY stages, Z-axis, filter wheels, shutters, liquid crystal tunable filters, tunable monochromator and confocal. For additional assistance please use these links.

A list of supported devices is available.


Please use the following links to register your software and to obtain the latest version of SimplePCI 6.6. If you require an older version of SimplePCI or have a question, please contact hcsupport@hamamatsu.com.

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Getting Started Guides and Manual

Use the guides to find answers your questions on how to use SimplePCI 6.6 and its modules. If you are using an older version of SimplePCI or have a question which is not answered on these pages please contact hcsupport@hamamatsu.com.


The videos highlight some of the features in SimplePCI and provide walkthroughs of common procedures. You can download a player such as the FLV Player 2.0, which is free.