HCImage Image Processing and Analysis provide an extensive selection of image processing and image analysis tools to enable quantitative analysis on a wide range of complex image sequences. Imaging tools are selected using customized icons to derive workfiles (macros), which are saved and can be used multiple times. Images are saved with measured data allowing dynamic interaction between images, objects, graphs, and tables to provide instant user feedback.

Image Processing and Analysis Tools

  • Image Processing
    Apply pixel processing to images using smooth, median, Laplacian, Laplacian 2, Sobel, Kirsch, LofG, Canny Edge, erode, dilate, or other filters
  • Identify Objects
    Use Simple or Advanced methods for detecting objects of interest, including multiple auto-threshold detection methods with channel (color) and background selection
  • Modify
    Modify detected binary objects using erode, separate, dilate, skeleton, prune, node, AND/OR/NOT/NOR plus accept/reject/draw/erase editor functions
  • Qualify
    When objects do not meet the desired criteria for measurement, they can be removed with a special size, shape, intensity or position qualifier, thus ensuring distribution statistics that meet acceptable standards
  • Measurement
    Extensive list of measurements including, area, diameter, length, width, perimeter, shape, position, intensity. Customize your own measurement with built-in equation editor.
  • Workfile
    Automatically process single images or multiple images throughout a sequence
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Motion Tracking

  • Rapid tracking of multiple objects automatically
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Determine object velocity
  • View individual object trajectory
  • Show actual, averaged and straight line velocity
  • Save tracked objects as AVI movies
  • Export track data to a spreadsheet
  • Tracking Information
    • Object Position – X, Y coordinates
    • Velocity – Average speed along the track
    • Distance – Length of a line in calibrated units
    • Direction – Angle measured in degrees
    • Number of Points – How many consecutive images contain the same object in a track
    • Linearity – Numerical factor indicating how close the track is to a straight line
    • BCF – Beat Cross Frequency, reports how often a track crosses its mean path
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Acquisition Learn more about Live

For a detailed list of acquisition features such as: high speed image streaming, multi-site acquisition with multiple wavelengths click to learn more.

Visualizer Learn more about Live

For a details about our new interface with easy access to the interactive controls which provide instant feedback when working with rendered images click to learn more.


  • Immunostain analysis
  • Morphology measurements
  • Particle size analysis
  • Length measurement of fibers
  • Neural process density
  • Vessel morphometry and angiogenesis
  • Motion tracking