• Multiple site Time-lapse
    Automated capture of XYZ and wavelength scans over time
  • Multi-channel Acquisition
    Capture up to 5 different filter settings over time
  • Z Scan Acquisition
    Capture Z scans of a single or multiple locations
  • High Speed Image Streaming
    Acquire large data sets at maximum camera speed
  • TTL Input and Output Control
    Internal and external TTL control for acquisition and data synchronization
  • Create Large Image Montage
    Scan large image area at high resolution for montagingClick for screenshot
  • Hard Disk Recorder
    DCAM-API Hard Disk Recorder for high-speed streaming directly to hard disk
  • Scheduler
    Run a time-lapse with variable events, for example, time 1, TTL out, time 2 (stream) delay, TTL out, time 3 (stream)

    • Time
    • Delay
    • TTL Control – send and receive TTL pulses or set TTL On
    • Autofocus
    • Auto exposure
    • Z Scan
    • Loops

    Click for screenshot